Amenities for your residents, Revenue for you.

Airespot is the amenity solution that takes up no space, increases occupancy, and helps you monetize on the services your residents use.

Airespot is the first and only on-demand residential services app created for the multi-family industry.

It turns your property into a modern, tech-powered community without investing in new on-property amenities or arranging vendor relationships.

When your properties are powered by Airespot, your residents have anytime access to amenities and local deals that help them love where they live. House cleaning, pet care, laundry services, and property-specific amenities are booked right in the Airespot app, and at a discounted rate. And every time a service is used or a local offer is redeemed, you earn revenue.

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Convenient Amenities and Local Offers

Your residents lead busy, social lives. Airespot offers convenient amenities that cover all the things they don’t have time to do, and local deals that connect them with their neighborhood. When your home is cared for and you enjoy your surroundings, you love where you live.

You also have peace of mind knowing service providers have been thoroughly vetted by Airespot to ensure they meet insurance and legal requirements, business rating thresholds and high service standards.


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Revenue Share

The US Department of Commerce expects 80% of two-income households to use an outside house cleaning service in the next few years. What if you could monetize on all the services your residents use and local deals they redeem? With Airespot, you can. When residents use Airespot, their lives become easier, your revenue grows, and local businesses benefit.


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Competitive Advantage

Last year alone, 350,000 new muliti-family properties were built. How does yours stack up? Airespot gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to offer amenities and rewards without increasing your costs. The app makes your property a tech-powered place residents love coming home to.

Properties powered by Airespot have the market advantage.
  • Appeal to millennials and tech-savvy residents.
  • No matter when your property was built, Airespot instantly makes it modern.
  • Monetize services your residents already use.
  • Increase your bottom line with Airespot's revenue-share business model.
  • Increase lease renewals and decrease vacancy.
  • Schedule and deliver resident alerts, including emergency push notifications.
  • Have peace of mind that Airespot has thoroughly vetted all service providers
Properties powered by Airespot have the market advantage.

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