Ditch the door hangers

Airespot connects you with potential customers at specific properties and in defined areas. Your new customers are waiting for you on Airespot.

Airespot is the only app that gives you the power to grow your business within a specific property or neighborhood. Property managers provide residents with exclusive Airespot access, and suddenly your company is in front of hundreds of residents who are ready to book your services, buy your products and redeem your offers.

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Airespot and local merchants

When your restaurant, shop or service partners with Airespot, your offers are seen by a specifically-targeted group of users who are guaranteed to live in the exact areas you service. You can offer discounts, neighborhood loyalty programs, gifts with purchase, fee waivers, and much more through Airespot.

Grow your Business
  • Reach the right people at the right time through targeted offers.
  • Leverage word of mouth marketing among neighbors. After all, 92% of people trust referrals from someone they know.
  • Stay top of mind as customers see your offers each time they use Airespot.
  • Offer customized deals for specific properties and areas.

Airespot and service providers

Residential service providers can partner with Airespot to meet the needs of our app users. From dog walking to house cleaning to laundry care and everything in between, Airespot wants to connect you to customers who need you.

  • Serving concentrated customers at each property site makes financial and logistical sense
  • Being featured in the Airespot app automatically makes you a preferred provider among hundreds of potential customers.
  • Take advantage of referral marketing among neighbors.
  • Automated booking, payment and confirmation saves you time.